Rona is available to film anywhere including the USA as she has a working visa for North America. She will only supply the very best animals available, giving advice on Health and Safety, Caging, Transportation, Training, Dietary and Veterinary needs and Public Relations regarding animals in entertainment.
Rona Brown is one of the most highly regarded animal and primate consultants in the world. She works within the entertainment industry providing expertly trained creatures for motion pictures, commercials and television.
she has also specialised in chimpanzees and co-ordinated the award winning PG Tips campaign for the past ten years. Rona Brown does however deal with all animals, be they exotic or domestic, and as such works the world over with many of the creatures it offers.

Rona has worked with various exotic creatures both young and fully grown. She has reared many animals throughout her career including lion cubs, chimpanzees, bears, leopards, and wolves. These animals were reared in Rona's home at the same time as she brought up her own two children.

With films such as Anna & the King, Fierce Creatures and Gorillas in the Mist behind her,
Rona has been responsible for working all sorts of animals in the movie industry. She worked a tiger in Krull and for Greystoke bred leopard cubs to be just the right age to walk behind their mother and drink at a water hole, all within the filming schedule. Fierce Creatures involved her working lemurs, spiders, sea lions, capybara, coati mundis and hippos; and she has also produced wolves, hyenas, snakes, skunks and reindeer for the TV programme Brilliant Creatures.